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The forests and fields of my family’s land offer a place for uninterrupted walks of investigation. The land is located north of Montgomery, Texas, in the community of Dacus. Spring growth on the farm starts slowly but then explodes into color. Transformative growth and change occurs in this season. I collect, press, and preserve plant life I find on the farm. It is a meditative process that allows for my mind to reach stillness as I scan the forest from its floor to its branches. 

Through shared knowledge from my dad and the endless botanical research available, I identify the specimens by their common name and their latin name. In this ongoing work, I create lumen impressions with the specimens on a range of expired and new photo paper. The sunlight that grows this flora and allows it to flourish also slowly gives life to the light sensitive photo paper, solidifying the specimens’ image in time and place. The contact of the plant material onto the substrate creates a textural impression that contrasts with the whimsical color of the paper. The impression becomes its birth, its time and memorial of life.

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